LA Southwest Women's Basketball Philosophy


The character of every person is highly dependent upon the discipline they practice in their everyday lives. Here, at Southwest College, players will be challenged daily to display discipline intrinsically, and externally. Discipline holds all players accountable and responsible for the success and failures of the team. Therefore, players will be held to the highest standard of discipline that not only applies to the basketball court, but to their lives individually.


The staple of the team’s on-court discipline will be based on team defense. This will be practiced everyday, and sewn through every fabric of the team’s strategic plan. Every player is responsible for her own defensive assignment, as well as team defense.


The way players carry themselves on and off the court will be imperative to the overall success as a team. All players are to attend class regularly, and conduct themselves in a way that positively reflects Southwest College, their coaches, and their teammates. Any actions that do not mirror a positive view of Southwest College and its constituents will be dealt with thoroughly and swiftly.


All Lady Cougars are required to regularly attend conditioning sessions, practices, games, fundraising events, and all other team outings. Success will be based on the team’s commitment to listening, learning, improving individual skill levels, and game preparation. The coaching staff will do its part in strategy preparation for the team, but it is the team that will ultimately execute these strategies. It is important that the highest level of seriousness and consistency be expected at every practice, and every game day.

South Coast Conference

The South Coast Conference was officially authorized by the California State Athletic Committee of the California Community and Junior College Association (CCJCA) in October 1967. The South Coast Conference was created in 1968. Fully sanctioned women's athletics began in 1977-78 when CCJCA voted full recognition to women's and coed athletics under the same code as men's athletics.

California Community College Athletic Association

The California Community College Athletic Association is an integral part of California's extensive community college system. As authorized by the State Legislature, the Education Code provides the CCCAA the opportunity and authority to establish the rules and regulations to administer the athletic activities of the nearly 27,000 men and women student athletes in the state.


2014 All South Coast Conference - South Division 1st and 2nd Teams:

1st Team: Samone Kelly and Shymayne Callahan

2nd Team: Carmen Bealer and Christyana Scorza

Box Scores

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